Flat Tappet Camshafts

Hydraulic and Mechanical

We are proud to introduce you to Camcraft’s flat tappet cam profiles. These are our own state of the art computer designs. Camcraft has retained a world renown camshaft design consultant with over 50 years experience to develop these profiles, featuring large nose radius, maximum velocity, high opening acceleration, lower closing acceleration, and very low jerk values. These are tight lash, mechanical lifter profiles. They were designed to permit the use of hydraulic lifters where required by class rules. There are profiles for .842, .874 & .904 lifters

The masters for these profiles were made directly from 8 place design data on a $800,000.00 Landis CNC cam grinder, thus eliminating the errors and design corruption found in most models and masters.

They are primarily aimed at 1/4 to 5/8 mile oval track and bracket racing with rpm ranges up to 73-7600. These proven designs have a very successful history over the past years especially in the NASCAR LMS and SK Modified cars. They have a very long flat torque curve, offer very good valve train life, and they are very responsive to lash changes. Camcraft delivers the POWER to run up front with the RELIABILITY to finish the race.

These profiles are also popular with Bracket Racers who choose not to run Roller torque curves launch the car very hard and still pull better MPH…

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