Custom Camshaft Supplier

Way back in 1983, the Camcraft Cams business began as a division of R&R Automotive. Initially, we specialized in supplying medium and large engine rebuilders up and down the East Coast with reground automotive camshafts for their rebuilt engines. Today, we’ve grown into a leading automotive performance camshaft production manufacturer with customers scattered throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Camcraft Cams is proud to offer the services of a world-renowned camshaft designer and consultant who has over 45 years of experience when it comes to serving the racing market. We’re also proud of the fact that we’re the only manufacturer to offer a catalog devoted to antique performance cams. It covers Flathead Fords, Nailhead Buicks, Y Black Fords, 348 and 409 Chevys, and more. We offer a catalog for factory performance cams as well.

Racing Camshaft Production

If you’re in the market for a camshaft that will provide you with the power and performance you need to be more successful in the racing world, you’ve come to the right place. When you count on Camcraft Cams to be your automotive performance camshaft production manufacturer, we’ll help you hunt down a camshaft that will deliver the results you’re looking for. No matter what kind of track you prefer to race on, Camcraft Cams has camshafts that are designed to cater to your car’s needs and get the most out of it.

SBC Hydraulic Roller Cam

In certain instances, Camcraft Cams will recommend that you install an SBC hydraulic roller cam in your car as opposed to any of your other options. This type of cam creates less friction than other cams and can produce more power for you in the process. It’ll also wear down on you much slower than other cams would. While it’s not the perfect camshaft for every car, Camcraft Cams can listen to what you need out of your car and help you figure out if an SBC hydraulic roller cam is the right choice. We’re an automotive performance camshaft production manufacturer that has carved out a niche for ourselves over the last 30-plus years by paying close attention to what our customers want and delivering it to them.

Give Camcraft Cams a call at 828-681-5183 if you’re in need of an automotive performance camshaft production manufacturer.