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Have you been searching for a camshaft production manufacturer and custom camshaft supplier to help you with a camshaft for a rebuilt engine or a race car? Camcraft Cams would be more than happy to provide you with the camshaft that you need. Equipped with more than 30 years of experience, we carry a wide range of camshafts, including both antique performance cams and factory performance cams. We invite you to check out our selection and to ask us any questions you might have about the camshafts in our inventory.

A Leading Camshaft Production Manufacturer

Since first setting up shop back in 1983, Camcraft Cams has grown into a leading camshaft production manufacturer and custom camshaft supplier. We utilize the services of a camshaft designer and consultant who has more than 45 years of experience when it comes to lending a hand to those in the racing market. Whether you’re trying to pack more power into a racing car or simply looking for the right camshaft for an engine rebuilding project you’re taking on, you can find a solution to your problem through us.

At Camcraft Cams, we realize it can be confusing trying to choose the right camshaft for your car. Even if you think you know exactly what you need, we can help you dig a little deeper to locate the camshaft that is going to deliver the results you’re expecting. It’s why engine rebuilders and race car owners have trusted us to be their camshaft production manufacturer and custom camshaft supplier for over three decades now.

See how we can assist you by giving Camcraft Cams a call at 828-681-5183. You can also call us toll-free at 800-426-2261, send us a fax at 828-681-5185, email us at or visit us at 442 Phillipsville Loop, Canton, NC, 28716.