We have a broad assortment of stock or pulling cams for most tractor applications. Our profiles are designed to take advantage of the large lifter diameters found in these applications. There is a lot more to cam profiles than lift and duration. The larger diameter lifters found in most tractor engines allow much higher lift rates than the popular Chevy profiles. In fact, the really large lifters can accommodate higher lift rates than most roller cams. Many cam grinders do not have profiles designed for these larger diameter lifters. We have been grinding pulling cams for over 15 years and our profiles are proven winners. Low rpm lugging power or hi rpm profiles available.

We sometimes have exchange cams in stock. Excessively worn lobes and bearing journals can be welded and returned to service. We have good sources for hard to find cams as well as other tractor parts.

We can regrind your lifters and restore the proper convex profile on the mating face.For prompt professional service call Camcraft today!