318 Chrysler Poly

New!! Performance Cams – New!!

Many people have been looking for new performance cams for the early 318 Chrysler “A” engines with the “poly” heads from 1956 to 1966. Look no further! Camcraft has the answer! We had a special run of semi-finished performance castings made and we have them in stock. These are not the same castings the stock cams are made from. These castings are made from Proferall ++ material which is the same material used in most racing cams. There is also more material to accommodate more performance oriented cam profiles.

Now you will have a much wider leeway in profile selection since you are not limited by what profile will fit on a stock cam as a regrind. We can grind a cam for you for most any application from street rods to nostalgia racing. We can grind hydraulic or mechanical profiles. If you have an old Dodge truck with one of these engines we can add considerable power to it and still maintain a good idle. For you Vintage Racers, We can utilize our new state of the art .904 Profiles for maximum power. For the Street Rodders we have a wide variety of profiles to choose from.

Don’t be limited to regrinds for your early 318 Chrysler engine!!