Some thoughts on choosing a proper cam

Section 1: for Stock Cars

1- To many racers the best cam is the one in the car when they get the chassis sorted out and the driver finally gets the track figured out.

2- Short duration cams with wider lobe separations usually yield much flatter torque curves

3- Longer rod motors prefer a shorter duration cam with wider lobe separation all 12 suggestions for Stock Cars HERE


Early Oldsmobile & Buick Cams more HERE

Section 2: for Drag Cars

1- Cars with small tires or poor suspension may need a larger cam to kill some power off the line in order have a consistent launch without overpowering the suspension.

2- Hard tail dragsters usually run quicker with shorter duration cams but then lose consistency because the harder launch overpowers the track. Soft tail cars can adjust for the harder launch and remain consistent.

3- Be absolutely sure of your gear ratio when selecting a cam. Just cause your buddy told you that trick new rear is a 3.73 or 4.10 doesn’t mean it really is. If you pick a cam to go with a 3.73 rear and it turns out you have a 2.73 The difference would be 3529 rpm with 2.73 gears and 26” tires @ 100mph or 4822 rpm with 3.73 gears. The same cam won’t work real well in both scenarios. all 5 suggestions for Drag Cars HERE


Section 3: for Street Cars

Be absolutely sure of your gear ratio when selecting a cam.

1- The first thing to do in selecting a cam is to determine top speed in high gear (not overdrive). If 6,000 rpm = 150 mph in high gear and you will never see that speed then you definitely don’t need a cam with 6,000 rpm power. Tuning for power at too high an rpm is a very common mistake.

2- A car with 3.08 gears will go 150+ mph @ 6,000 rpm. 5,000 rpm still = 125+ mph while 2,600 = 70 mph. It makes a lot more sense to tune the engine for power in the 2,000 to 4,500 rpm range. You can get good fuel economy as well as better performance. Any cam bigger than stock will make more power at high rpm. It just doesn’t make sense to select a cam with max power at 5,000 rpm if it will spend most of its life below 3,000 rpm. Below are common rpm=speed ratios. All are based on a 26-inch diameter tire.

2.73 @3000 = 85 mph,  3.55 @3000 = 66 mph,  4.10 @3000= 57 mph
3.08 @3000 = 76 mph,  3.73 @3000= 62 mph
3.23 @3000 = 72 mph,  3.90 @3000= 60 mph all 4 suggestions for Drag Cars HERE



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Thanks for the great cam and kit.  With your 240/240 .410 lift lobes on a 110 center we made 365 rwhp in our 331" Nova with a 2-bbl carb, about 40 hp up from the Comp cam we ran last year.  The torque peak was at 4500 rpm and the power peak was at 6500 rpm, well suited for the long uphill road sections we use.  I had no problems at all with the engine, no valve lashing was necessary and we used one set of plugs for the entire race. We finished 2nd in our class behind a Corvette, and eighth overall in a field of 70+ cars.  We were complimented frequently on how fast the little Nova ran, finishing well ahead of several 366" 4-bbl cars.  If only we could corner with the Vettes....

Thanks again,
Fairfield, CA more Testimonials HERE

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