Early Oldsmobiles

We have had new castings made for the 57-59  371 and 59-64 394 Oldsmobile camshafts. These cams are made of Super Proferal  P55 material which is far superior to standard proferal used in most cams today. We have a few finished 371 4 barrel cams and many semi finished cams which we can grind to any profile. For the 394 engine we have a few 4 bbl. Cams, a good number of Starfire cams and many semi finished pieces.

Oldsmobile engine made between 1964 and 1967 had 2 different lifter bank angles. Some were 45 degrees and others were 39 degrees. The only consistency to these is the 330, which was always 45 degrees. Over the years these engines may have been swapped around and may not have the original engine in place. We recommend verifying the lifter bank angle before ordering a camshaft. We can tell you how to do this easily. All Oldsmobile engines from 1968 up have a 39-degree lifter bank angle and are interchangeable including the earlier 39 degree blocks.

We can custom grind almost any combination of profiles for the 45-degree engines. We stock many cams for the 39-degree engines.

Some of the 65-67 engines had .923 diameter lifters instead of the more standard .842. Be sure you know which ones you have. The .923 lifters are rare but we usually have them in stock.


Early Buicks

We have a few semi cams for the 1953-55 Buick V8. We can grind almost any profile combination you need. We also have a very few finished stock cams. We also offer performance cams for the 1956-66 Buick 364 / 401 / 425 engines as well as the 67 up 400 / 430 / 455 engines


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Happy Customers

Thanks for the great cam and kit.  With your 240/240 .410 lift lobes on a 110 center we made 365 rwhp in our 331" Nova with a 2-bbl carb, about 40 hp up from the Comp cam we ran last year.  The torque peak was at 4500 rpm and the power peak was at 6500 rpm, well suited for the long uphill road sections we use.  I had no problems at all with the engine, no valve lashing was necessary and we used one set of plugs for the entire race. We finished 2nd in our class behind a Corvette, and eighth overall in a field of 70+ cars.  We were complimented frequently on how fast the little Nova ran, finishing well ahead of several 366" 4-bbl cars.  If only we could corner with the Vettes....

Thanks again,
Fairfield, CA more Testimonials HERE

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